I. Module Design & Production

I. Module Design & Production

Battery modules are the core energy source of a battery pack.

Below is the list of the implemented technology I co-developed with my team.

  1. Wire Bonding
  2. Ultraviolent Adhesive Application
  3. Serpentine shaped Cooling plate
  4. Mica shields
  5. 365nm – 410nm ultraviolent transparent Holder designs

Cell housings we call them “Holders” are made from a special silicone material that allows Ultraviolet Light to pass through. Holders are made from Silicone moulding technique for prototype stages.

Cells are connected to the busbars via wire bonding technology. This wire bonding enables us to fuse each individual cell from thermal runaway, over-current situations.

Each individual cell is heated or cooled down by cooling ribbons. Thermal Interface materials are used to increase heat transfer and remove the air gaps between the cell and Aluminium Cooling Ribbon.

Render shows the Module with it’s protective Mica, Ceramic sheets, Cells, Holders and coolant routes.