Experienced Battery Systems Engineer with a Mechatronics Engineering background. Good experience in CAD design, production, 3D printing, U/S wire bonding, electrical harness, busbar design. Very familiar with battery pack components.

Demonstrated success in designing and producing a battery module and battery pack and corresponding sub-systems. Battery packs and modules are implemented to Günsel Model 1.

Expertise includes building a talented multidisciplinary team with good communications across employees.

(Oct 18 – Now ) 1 year 2 months experience as Battery Pack Team Leader;

My responsibility was creating a Battery team from multidisciplinary engineering employees that can design, develop and produce battery packs. Managed a group of Engineers including hiring, daily supervision.

Performed 3d design of the Battery Pack mechanical structure and general layout of the pack.

Performed 3d design of the module Cooling system and co-developed battery pack coolant route with a big OEM.

Managed engineers directly to design and build battery pack Electronical Low Voltage cable harness with co-operation with Günsel Electronics team.

Managed engineers directly to design and build High Voltage busbar designs & component assemblies.

Designed UVA transmissive Holder, capable of carrying hundreds of 21700 cells. Manufactured those holders with the Vacuum molding technique for the low-mass prototype vehicle fleet.

Managed engineers to develop a 400 nm wavelength Ultraviolet light system to be used to bond battery cells to holders. Reduced system cost compared to similar products on the market.

Conducted reports on battery pack cooling system under certain load conditions. Energy and temperature flow is observed for both Battery Module and Battery Pack using Infrared Thermometer.

Designed supportive equipment for producing battery modules and battery pack.

Have good knowledge of Vacuum Molding, 3d printing, Wire bonding, Sheet metal forming, Thermoforming, Plasma Treatment, Ultraviolet Adhesives.

(Jun 17 – Oct 18) 1 year 5 months experience as Battery Systems Engineer;

Performed reverse engineering on Tesla Motors battery pack. Listed all of the Mechanical, Electrical components, suppliers. Module and Pack dimensions are found.

  • Chemical test has been conducted to specify Tesla Motors, Module Busbar material.
  • Spectral Analyze has been conducted to specify Tesla Motors, Module plastic injection part.

Performed Cell-based, SOC tests, Charge-discharge cycles under certain environmental conditions and different C-ratings are performed and reported. Good familiarity with 21700, 18650 cells.

6.5kWh battery module and sub-components are designed and the prototype module is produced from Industrial 3d printer.

Responsible engineer for U/S Wire Bonding machine also played a big part in selecting and purchasing the right machine for Battery Department. Got both operator and programmer level training from the factory, Germany.

Responsible engineer for Industrial 3d printing machine. I gave the operator and maintenance training to other engineers at the company.