Siemens NX Database

3 Nov , 2019 Uncategorized

Siemens NX Database

Siemens NX libraries, disciplines help designers and engineers create mechanical or electrical routings much faster and reliable. I had created our own disciplines and created a library database for my company.

Working for a newly created startup company, your workload gets heavier day by day. To keep up with an increasing number of employees and engineers your company has to create design procedures and databases to communicate between departments.

My task was to create our own company discipline such as Mechanical Discipline for Chassis Department, Thermal Team, Battery Department and so on.

Routing Discipline means the designer/engineer will select his/her own department and select the suitable parts, stock for their project. This ensures designer/engineer doesn’t select the material or part which isn’t in our warehouse or change (if possible) the bolt, nut, washer, clips, wire, profile, etc with the same as project members. This makes the costs go down, decrease the needed space for materials.

We had asked the Siemens NX distributor company to create disciplines for our company but they told us it was a hard task to create our own disciplines. There was no information about creating disciplines in Siemens NX Help, forums, website or any videos about it.

It was my task to create our own Discipline. Besides working on Battery Pack, designing and managing the Battery Team, I figured out how to create our own disciplines by changing the XML codes from the Program Files.