About Myself.

Brief about O.Mücteba Bişkinler.

My passion is using engineering to manufacture and invent new things to help humanity, improve people’s lives.

I received my  Bachelor’s degrees in Mechatronics Engineering from Atilim University. At Atilim, I participated in Solar Car Team and Robotics Club.  At Solar Car team we raced in TUBİTAK Formula G race series, and I conducted Aluminium Tubular Space Frame Chasis design and manufacturing, Electric Motor driver design and test Pilot of the car.

I have an insatiable passion for designing and manufacturing things. I have designed Autonomous Tank Robot, Heat Energy Generator, Theo Jansen Mechanism Dinosaur Robot, DC Motor driver, Image Processing and Tracking, Hybrid Robot. Some of this work has even been published in Conference and gathering about Mechatronics projects MeMÖK. Collobrated some other Mechatronics Engineering students from other universites and helped further their projects. Whenever possible, I open source my projects so that others can learn from them, and build upon them.

When not Designing and manufacturing  products, I love to drive, travel and take photographs. I follow automobile technologies closely and watch motorsports. Been to more then nine countries, studied primary school in London, Great Britain.

This is my personal website, which includes my personal information, projects and blog that will feature my thought about future automobile technologies.


Best Regards, Mücteba.